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How to Select a Pocket Watch

Choosing the right pocket watch

When selecting a pocket watch you want to examine many factors. If you're interested in quality pocket watches for a family heirloom piece you might prefer more expensive pocket watches such as the higher end mechanical watches. The first time pocket watch owner might like to start with a quartz pocket watch which requires less maintenance. In this article we will examine some of the options available in modern pocket watches to help you select the best pocket watch. Whether the watch is a gift for yourself or someone else, you will see the options are plentiful.

Pocket watch sizes

The pocket watches we carry at the Pocket Watch Emporium generally range in size from 40 mm (approx. 1.57") to 54 mm (approx. 2.12"). This measurement is the case size, this is the diameter measured across the face of the watch not including the bow. Pocket watches for men are usually a slightly larger where as pocket watches for women are somewhat on the smaller size. The size of the watch is of course a personal preference and pocket watches are generally considered unisex.

Quartz or mechanical

mechanical watch-gears-1.jpgThe primary difference between a quartz and mechanical pocket watch is that the mechanical watch has a mechanical movement that will require the watch to be wound by hand every day. The quartz watch is battery-powered and does not require winding, although the battery will need to be replaced from time to time. As far as accuracy, the quartz watch would be the most accurate for timekeeping.The quartz watch is also much lighter in weight than the mechanical watch which has numerous gears and springs. If you enjoy the idea of owning a small mechanical masterpiece you may prefer the mechanical watch. We currently do not carry any digital pocket watches, they're not common but designers do occasionally make them. (For more information see our in-depth article about the difference between mechanical and quartz pocket watches. (Click here)

Pocket watch case types

open-face-watch-300x300.jpgPocket watch cases come in a variety of styles. Open face watches have no cover and the watch crystal is exposed. The hunter case is a hinged case that completely covers the crystal or glass and protects it from damage.  Half hunter cases protect the watch crystal like the hunter case but have a small window in the cover that allows you to view the time with the cover in the closed position. Picture frame cases allow insertion of a personal photo in the case. There are also variations, double hunters and half double hunters. Additionally, watches come with a number of dial options, such as, dual timezone, secondhand, moon phase display and more. Selecting the pocket watch to fit your individual taste and style is purely a personal decision based on which features appeal to you. (For more information on pocket watch case types with photos (click here)


Case colors and finish

hunter-case-watch-300x300.jpgPocket watches usually come in two color options gold and silver. Within these two color options you'll see various finishes, polished, brushed, antiqued or engraved finishes are the most common. Polished finishes do tend to show hairline scratches more easily. Brushed finish can hide scratches quite well, antiqued finish gives a vintage look, and engraved covers can have intricate designs.



Take your time and look at a variety of watches both mechanical and quartz. Review the features, case styles, color and finish and you should be able to find the perfect watch to fit your personal needs. If at all possible we also recommend that you buy your watch from an authorized dealer. This way you avoid the risk of purchasing a counterfeit product and you will be assured that the manufacturers warranties are in place.

Should you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the pocket watch that's just right for you, please feel free to give us a call at 925-364-7401, or you can reach us through the contact us page.

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