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How to Wear a Pocket Watch

How to wear a pocket watch

The pocket watch has been around for hundreds of years, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn, enjoyed and considered fashionable today. Whether you’re dressing formal or casual the pocket watch can be an accessory that completes any look. Always remember to wear a watch chain that matches the watch to give a more uniform look.

Wearing the Albert Chain

albert-chain-johnny-depp.jpgWhen dressing formal with a vest or waistcoat the Albert Chain (named after Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert) will nicely accent your look for both a modern or retro look. A single Albert chain with the T-bar inserted into the vest button hole allows the chain that is attached to the pocket watch to drape softly into the vest pocket. You can use either the left or right vest pocket depending on if are left or right handed. Typically a right handed person would place the watch in the left pocket. The ability to pull the pocket watch out with your left hand will leave the right hand free. Always face the watch crystal towards the body as this will make reading the time easier, you will not have to flip the watch around to read the time and it also helps to protect the watch face from impact.

Often the Albert chains will have a fob drop a short piece of chain the hangs from the T-bar. This is where you can attach decorative fobs, medallions, and fraternity or lodge symbols or simply leave it loose until you find the perfect thing-a-ma-jig

How to Wear a Double Albert Chain

double-albert-chain.jpgWearing double Albert chain is similar to a single Albert but with an additional chain. This two chain system will allow a drape from both the left and right vest pockets. The most common question about a double Albert chain is what does one do with other chain? It was originally designed to hold the watch key. This was back when you wound your watch with a key. Nowadays modern pocket watches are wound from the stem and the watch key is obsolete. So what is the purpose of the second chain? A loose chain can create a more formal look; a double chain adds balance by extending equal distance from the T-bar attached to the middle of your vest. You can also attach a variety of personal items to the chain such as a small pocket knife, cigar cutter or good luck charm, any item that may come in handy while out and about.

How to Wear a Spring Ring Chain


The spring ring is the most versatile of the pocket watch chains. You can wear it formally as an Albert chain by placing the spring ring around the button prior to buttoning your vest. For a more casual look you can attach the round spring ring around the belt loop on your pants and slip the watch in the front pocket of your slacks. You can then have the chain drape nicely from your pocket. These methods allow for a little personality while securely fastening the watch to your person. Be sure to match the watch and chain to your cufflinks, ring or belt buckle colors for a coordinated look.

Belt Clip Chains and Leather Pouches

Wearing your pocket watch with jeans is perfect when you want to add some style to your casual wear. You can wear your pocket watch in your jeans pocket and attach it to a matching belt clip chain. This type of chain has a clip on one side that simply slips over your belt and the other end attaches to the bow of the pocket watch. The chain can then be slightly draped with any excess chain placed into the pocket. Remember to help prevent damage to your watch keep the watch facing inward towards your body. Also never place your keys or pocket change in the same pocket as your watch and as this can damage the pocket watch and cause scratches to the surface. 

charles-hubert-3572-6-pocket-watch-emporium-17755.1382064377.1280.1280.jpgAnother popular option is a leather pocket watch holder that attaches to your belt. These typically are either black or brown leather and come in a variety of sizes to account for the various sizes of pocket watches. This is a more casual look and can be used with a chain or without, although using a chain is highly suggested to make handling of the watch more secure. When used without a chain the watch can be pulled from the pouch by the bow. This will require careful handling when removing and replacing the watch to avoid dropping your watch and causing major damage.

The pocket watch and chain can be worn in number of ways; these are just a few of the most common uses. How you choose to wear your watch is up to you and your individual style. Whether you are a man or women, young or old a pocket watch can be added to most any outfit.

When selecting a pocket watch take your time to find the style and watch design to match your use and personality. A classic gold hunter watch is perfect for both formal or casual wear and a silver open face skeleton style works for business casual. Be sure to get a matching chain for a complementary and complete look.

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