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Pocket Watch Articles

How to Use a Pocket Watch

In this article we will cover the most common basic features of modern pocket watches and we will discuss the basics of winding, setting time, setting the date and hopefully help you get more enjoyment out of your pocket watch. (Click to Continue)

How to Wear a Pocket Watch

The pocket watch has been around for hundreds of years, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn, enjoyed and considered fashionable today. Whether you’re dressing formal or casual the pocket watch can be an accessory that completes any look. (Click to Continue)

Pocket Watch Care and Maintenance

While a quartz pocket watch doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance, the same cannot be said of the mechanical variety. In order to keep your pocket watch in tip top condition...(Click to Continue)

Choosing the Best Pocket Watch

In this article we will examine some of the options available in modern pocket watches to help you select the best pocket watch. Whether the watch is a gift for yourself or someone else you will see the options are plentiful...(Click to Continue)

Why are there Jewels in a Pocket Watch?

Mechanical pocket watches have many moving parts. These parts can create friction as the parts move against one another. In order to prevent metal on metal friction...(Click to Continue)

The Different Types of Pocket Watch Cases

Pocket watches come in a variety of case types. There are six basic case types most often found in modern pocket watches...(Click to Continue)

Quartz vs. Mechanical Pocket Watch Which is Best?

When selecting a pocket watch you must decide on the watch movement. Both quartz and mechanical movements have advantages...(Click to Continue)

The Hidden Message in Lincoln's Pocket Watch

On April 13th, 1861 the Confederate forces fired upon Fort Sumter. On this same date President Lincoln’s pocket watch was being repaired at the...(Click to Continue)


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