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Wearing A Pocket Watch Saves Lives

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Can Wearing A Pocket Watch Save Your Life?

We can think of many good reasons to wear a pocket watch. Although wearing a pocket watch to save your life seems…well far fetched. At least that's what we thought until we ran across these two articles from the California newspaper archives.

Pocket Watch Saves Life

Friday morning February 11, 1910 the Los Angeles Herald reported “Watch Saves Lads Life”. It seems a 15 year old Joe Smeasted fell on to a circular saw blade, but luck was on his side. Joe had a pocket watch in his breast pocket that took the impact of the saw blade and disaster was averted as Joe was thrown to safety by the impact.

Watch Stops Bullet

This second story is from the Pacific Rural Press dated July 27, 1901. William H. Weiss had an argument with his roommate and former friend John Castrano. During the quarrel Mr. Castrano fired three shots at Mr. Weiss. The first two bullets missed but the third shot was right on target striking Mr. Weiss in the upper left side at the vest pocket which held a heavy hunting case pocket watch. His life was spared although the watch was surely beyond repair.

At the Pocket Watch Emporium we now have a new reason to recommend that the well dressed man wear a pocket watch. Although I’m not sure they will believe it when I tell them that wearing a pocket watch might save your life.

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