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Pocket Watch Case Styles

Types of Pocket Watch Cases

Pocket watches come in a variety of case types. There are six basic case types most often found in modern pocket watches. Each with its own advantages and esthetic appeal, there is a case type that will fit the preference of every pocket watch owner. Here we will review the different case types to help you make the best choice when selecting your next pocket watch.

Open Face Pocket Watch charles-hubert-3816-w.jpgOpen Face:

The open face pocket watch is the classic design found on the famous American railroad watches. This style has no cover; the watch dial is always open for quick and easy time reading. Convenient and classic in styling, this type is popular among many collectors.


Hunter Case Pocket Watch charles-hubert-3410-pocket-watch-emporium.jpg

Hunter Case:

The Hunter case has a hinged cover that    closes to protect the watch crystal from potential damage. Often the cover will be of ornate design or engraved. The cover will be hinged at either the 6 or 3 o'clock position. The disadvantage of the hunter cover is that in order to read the time the cover must be opened.


Half Hunter Pocket Watch Case charles-hubert-3564-pocket-watch-emporium.jpg

Half Hunter / Demi-Hunter:

To solve the problem of having to open the watch case to read the time, the demi-hunter  was designed. The demi hunter or half hunter has a full cover with a crystal or glass panel placed in the cover that alows the watch hands to be viewed with the cover in the closed position.


Double Hunter Pocket Watch Case- Pocket Watch Emporium.jpg

Double Hunter Case:

The double hunter has a both a cover to protect the watch face and a cover on the back of the case. The back cover opens to allow viewing of the mechanical watch movement. When both covers are open the watch can stand on its own to allow easy viewing when placed on a table or nightstand.


half-double-hunter Pocket Watch Emporium.jpgHalf Double Hunter:

This is a hybrid design taking features from both the hunter and the half-hunter designs. With a half cover on the front and a full back cover this is a great option if you desire a custom engraved back cover with convenient time reading.



Photo insert pocket watch case.jpg

Photo Insert Case:

These are also called photo frame cases and are popular as gifts. These cases allow the insertion of photos in the cover; some display the photo on the outside, in other variations the photo is only viewable when the cover is opened.



As you can see, with all the options that are available to pocket watch buyers, you can find a watch to fit any need or personal style.

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