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Top Five Charles Hubert Pocket Watches

Top five pocket watches from Charles Hubert

Charles Hubert is well know for their pocket watches. While their product line is extensive with hundreds of styles to choose from, we were able to narrowed down the catalog to our top five favorite pocket watches. Here is the list of our five favorite Charles Hubert pocket watches in no particular order.

#1 Charles-Hubert, Paris Model #3816-W & #3816

charles-hubert-3816-pocket-watch-emporium-08647.1382067626.1280.1280.jpgThis open face pocket watch has a nice solid stainless steel case. You can feel the quality in this larger sized 51 mm in diameter pocket watch. As with all Charles Hubert pocket watches, either model comes with a matching watch chain. The availability of two different finishes, polished stainless steel (3816-W) or polished gold plate (3816) expand the fashion possibilities. The skeleton dial not only allows you to view the watch movement as you check the time, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the mechanical movement. The case back has an exhibition window exposing the watch gears and 17 jewel movement for further viewing pleasure.The watch dial has two time zones and a separate seconds dial at the three o'clock position. Setting the second time zone is a little tricky but well worth the effort. A decorative display window at six o'clock shows the the sun (AM) and moon (PM), gold tone Roman numerals look rich and refined against a white outer dial, the perfect classic pocket watch.

#2 Charles-Hubert, Paris Model #3928-OB

charles-hubert-pocket-watch-3928-25-70579.1382288719.1280.1280-25128.1385126834.1280.1280.jpgThis Charles Hubert watch model 3928-OB is truly unique with a cut out half hunter cover. Roman numeral cut outs decorate the cover and allows easy reading of the time whether the cover is open or closed. The luminous hands can be viewed in low light or a dark theater. The back of the case has an exhibition window with an embossed design around the perimeter. Overall this is one of the most unique cases that Charles Hubert offers. The watch case is a well proportioned 47mm in diameter and is made of solid brass with a polished chrome finish. This watch makes our top five list with its combination of unique styling while still maintaining the look of a classic pocket watch. Comes with the added bonus of a matching chrome finished chain and a lifetime warranty on the mechanical movement.

#3 Charles-Hubert, Paris Model #3850

A scharles-hubert-3850-back-pocket-watch-emporium-50503.1382853158.1280.1280.jpgmooth cover and modern style makes this watch a stand out amongst the competition. The inside of the front cover has a picture frame for that favorite photo of someone special. This was a favorite feature of many Victorian era pocket watches. The watch also has a distinctive fold out kickstand for display on your desk or nightstand. A skeleton dial allows you to watch the mechanical movement as time winds down and back of the case has an exhibition window with one of the clearest straight through views of any Charles Hubert watch. This watch has a clever side cover release button making it simple to open the watch while the matching chain is attached. The luminous hands make it easy to view the time in low light situations and the white dial is subtle with silver Roman numerals. Sure to be a favorite and a great addition to your watch collection.

#4 Charles-Hubert, Paris Model #3756-GA


In a style reminiscent of the old railroad pocket watches this Charles Hubert pocket watch model #3756-GA is number four in our top five favorites. This pocket watch is the epitome of classical styling. When people think of classic gold pocket watches, this design comes to mind. The stainless steel case gives the watch a solid feel while the 17 jewel mechanical movement offers quality timekeeping. The polished gold plate finish is nicely contrasted with the white dial and its complementary black Arabic numbers. The small second dial is located at the six o'clock position for a distinctive feature without cluttering the dial. This watch offers vintage style and quality construction. The classic simplicity makes this a heirloom pocket watch that can be passed down to your children. You can’t miss with this pick, a pocket watch that is sure to please.

# 5 Charles-Hubert, Paris Model #3752

ch-3752-front-view-85285.1384400679.1280.1280.jpgThis is the only quartz pocket watch  to make the list. We love the attractive oval design and modern styling of this pocket watch. The dial is subtle with date display at the 6 o'clock position. The case is two toned with a crest on the front cover that is suitable for engraving with your initials, yet attractive enough to be left blank for a more conservative look. The back cover is beautifully embossed and has a secret hidden compartment that can hold a special photo, a small bit of paper or other keepsake. The solid brass case is well proportioned at 45mm with a 16mm thickness. This polished two toned finished pocket watch comes with a matching chain and a lifetime warranty on the quartz movement. The perfect combination of quartz accuracy, ease of use and dependable timekeeping all while presenting a vintage feel.

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